Born out of an Art project by Jordan Craig (Vocalist), Colin Wolfson (Stratospheric guitar), Ryan Farrell (Murder Bass) and the formidable Matt Sobb on Drums. ONFIILM is a magical spaceship of Post Punk Abrasive Blues.

The sounds of ONFIILM take the listener down a dirty but sparkling intergallatic black hole and into a magical plane of shoe gaze psychedelia. The lyrics are terrestrial but the vibe is extra.
Live shows are always something else, an explosive stage show with band produced glitch art videos made from 80's VHS tapes that pour over the band using high power projectors. Exotic dancers bookmark the stage, and set the tone for a night to remember.


Vocals, Guitar / Jordan Craig

Guitar / Colin Wolfson

Bass / Ryan Farrell

Drums / Matt Sobb







ONFIILM – Shade Single

ONFIILM is a new DIY post punk duo from Ottawa, Canada, founded by musicians Jordan Craig (vocals, guitar, violin) and Aaron Sager-Yung (guitar) in 2014. At first spin of their new, seven-minute blazing track, “Shade,” it’s not out of the realm of probability that some listeners could think they might be listening to a previously unreleased demo from Jane’s Addiction. But it’s not. It’s ONFIILM.

The pair make no bones about their long-time admiration of Jane’s Addiction’s big, electrifying trademark sound. Nor should they. ONFIILM’s sound is a mix of post punk, shoe gaze, psych rock, and what they call ‘abrasive blues.’ The result is a highly charged sound that the guys contend takes “the listener down a dirty, but sparkling, intergalatic black hole, and into a magical plane of shoe gaze psychedelia. The lyrics are terrestrial, but the vibe is extra. ”

The band released the “Shade” single on February 12th and are preparing to drop their debut EP something in the next few months. In the meantime, the band also sent us a raw, live and unreleased track, “The Good Ones.”

“Shade“ – ONFIILM from Shade 7″

“The Good Ones“ – ONFIILM

Opened For: Country, Alpha Strategy
Musical Influences: Jane’s Addiction, Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Black Angels
Twitter handle: @onfiilm
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    People started shuffling as the first band, Fine Times, was setting up. The Ballantynes from last night had die-hard fans in the audience, the bands tonight had a few people looking forward to them, but with significantly less intensity. I was one of these people and my band of choice was the harsh synthetic wonderland of ONFIILM whom I’ve grown to love as I researched them. After Fine Times, Mushy Callahan gained a new round of fans, followed by ONFIILM, Cobra Romane, A Primitive Evolution, and Midnight Towers.

    The stage was soon set up with an electric blue wash, video equipment hung before the stage. A stellar video show played over vocalist Jordan Craig and guitarist Aaron Sager-Yung from ONFIILM, wrapped in an inter-galactic synthetic tone to their music. They describe their music as post-punk with abrasive blues, and that’s pretty accurate, especially with the long drawn-out vocals being backed by a shredding guitar. These guys drew in a more peculiar crowd, but that’s what the effect of their music.

    Amps and the distance echo effects gave the duo the force of a standard band, demanding attention with hypnotic tunes. The second guitarist looked possessed while he played, fitting the scene pretty well. There was a reason why I was excited for this band tonight and I was not disappointed.

Stephanie Huges


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